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Plastic Color Sorter

Plastic color sorter

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Product Features:

IOT color sorter system

Highly humanized interface of human-ma­chine interaction, Smart cloud interconnect­, Remote control, accurate big data statistics and analysis.Call the multiple preset color selection modes at any time.

HD image capture system

Full-color high-speed CCD sensor recognizes 0.04mm²area,Nikon camera,super high resolution,ultra-sensitive ,wide vision, low distortion.

Multi-core parallel image processing system

Multi-core parallel image processing system, flexible matching and synchronous operation of color sorting/shape sorting.

Intelligent high-frequency solenoid valve

Ultra-low air consumption, ultra-low carryover ratio, intelligent detect the working status of ejectors,avoid the fault and prolong the life of ejectors.

Shadow-less colorful spectrum LED

Taiwan Yiguang,shadow-less LED colorful light source, multi-angle shadow-less light path technology.

Input and Output system

Adopting a new pressure-resistant structure to feed, which greatly increases the output of the machine and ensures the stability of the machine.The straight-through discharge structure solves the problem of material blocking and stacking


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