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Jietai color sorter Southwest Office established

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Jetai color sorter gives "gift" and "benefit"
On this day, you can receive a customized gift from Jietai for free
On this day, you can book a color sorter to make an on-site reduction? 000 yuan Southwest Office (Chengdu) grand opening
From July 2 to 8, there is a discount for signing bills nationwide
In order to firmly focus on customers and better serve customers

In order to show the determination of Jietai people to build a big brand of color sorter

Jietai color sorter stationed in Chengdu
Chengdu is located in Sichuan Basin, with rich products and developed agriculture
Paddy field is dominated by rice, while dry hilly land is dominated by wheat and corn
Chengdu is regarded as the "core city of Chengdu Chongqing Economic Circle"
It is not only a popular card punching place for tourism network, but also a good-selling place for color sorter equipment
So here we are!
Jietai color sorter Southwest Office is located in liuxiyuan, sanhechang, Xindu District
Jietai color sorter can remove rice heterochromatic grains, corn mildew, wheat scab, plastic sorting, pepper stalk removal, etc
Jietai color sorter can be used for multiple purposes, which can quickly increase output, improve efficiency, save energy and electricity
Jietai color sorter ensures after-sales service, regular equipment inspection, maintenance and replacement of vulnerable parts, and has a good reputation
The quality of Jietai color sorter is the hard core. It has won the "national high-tech enterprise", "patent innovation and Creation Award", "scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises" and so on
Jietai color sorter
Color sorter manufacturer focusing on R & D / production / sales / after-sales
Focus on customized color sorters for grain processing plants, grain cooperatives, etc
Jietai small and medium-sized color sorter can meet the screening needs of a variety of materials
Rice / corn / wheat / beans / Chinese prickly ash / plastic / Chinese herbal medicine
Ensure your free door-to-door installation and commissioning upon arrival
Guarantee your software lifetime free upgrade and one-year warranty
Ensure that you have no less than one free equipment inspection every year
——Jietai brand is guaranteed
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