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Jietai focus on customers, pursue the ultimate, and never compromise

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  Now a popular word is called "inner roll". Our color sorter industry is also in the "inner roll", especially in the field of small color sorters. Internal roll is a phenomenon of fierce competition in the industry. In order to survive, many enterprises take measures such as reducing product costs and reducing after-sales to adapt to the fierce competition. It seems natural, but it is actually a measure they can"t do. Of course, it is not desirable and can"t succeed!
  As we all know, the most important thing for an enterprise to achieve sustainable development is to have "quality awareness" and "strategic vision of sustainable development". For the competitiveness of products, it is the way of management to set high standards. For Jietai intelligence, in order to achieve the goal of "winning customers" reputation with high quality", Jietai people are firmly customer-centered and consistent! In terms of performance, reliability and other aspects, we will never compromise. Jietai has meticulously launched the "Zhentai" series Beige sorter. This high-quality product is an example of our pursuit of perfection.

  Looking back on the development process of Jietai, the core values of "integrity, professionalism, innovation, harmony and win-win" and the business philosophy of "innovation leads the future and strives to be the industry leader" have been running through the development. If we say that in the past, Jietai was committed to striving for the leading sales of small and medium-sized machines, then now Jietai is focusing on the leading quality and service. Under this insistence, Jietai "Zhentai" series Beige sorter came into being. Quality assurance: extra long warranty (three years), worry free after sales. Super Brain recognition: intelligent selection, accurate recognition of materials with very small color difference and very small color difference area, multi-core parallel processing. Intelligent spray valve: intelligently regulate the blowing frequency, ultra-low gas consumption, achieve ultra-low carry out ratio, intelligently detect the operation status of the spray valve, and master the fault and service life of the spray valve. Intelligent self inspection: advanced technologies such as automatic calibration of key signals and lights, and maintaining the good state during color selection. "Zhentai" series 6sxm-78 color sorter won the gold medal at the national grain machinery processing enterprise exhibition in October, 2019, and is also a national agricultural machinery promotion product. At present, this model of color sorter has a high market share and is also the top selling product of our company.
  In terms of after-sales service, Jietai has increased investment, adhered to the free on-site inspection service once a year, reduced customer use costs, and established a good reputation among customers, which is also the embodiment of the core value of firmly focusing on customer needs.
  Our in-depth communication with customers is not only to better serve customers, but also to find deficiencies from customer needs, seek progress and development, so as to better serve customers. In the market, the value of an enterprise is to serve customers well, let customers accept us and recognize us, and achieve a win-win situation.
  In the future, Jietai will seriously practice customer-oriented. In terms of products, Jietai refused to "roll inside"!
  In terms of performance, reliability and other aspects, we will never compromise. In terms of after-sales service, continue to do a good job of annual inspection, be pragmatic and strive for progress.
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